Many activities can be completed with a multimedia product in mind for the end product. The important part of incorporating multimedia activities into the curriculum, is to remain focused on the content and the learning that takes place during the process. It's process over product!

Technology is part of the process and the product while working on a multimedia project. Multimedia means that the project includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content forms.

"Although PowerPoint presentations and movies are great teaching aids and do lead to higher levels of engagement, the most engaging learning comes from having the student create the presentation or movie themselves as part of the learning process." ~Hubbel, et al, 2007, p. 104.


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Multimedia Projects


A podcast is a series of audio files that are released in episodes and often downloaded through the Internet. When I think of podcasts, I think of radio shows. (Radio WillowWeb and here.)


A vodcast is a video podcast. Many times vodcasts are also digital stories. A vodcast or digital story is a type of multimedia project that can be used as a lab report, an author study, a video report, a book report, a movie trailer. The possibilities are almost endless. Learn more from a 5 part series at Film School Videos - Creating Lifelong Learners .


Clay animation is a form of stop motion animation. Each animated piece, either character or background, is "deformable" — usually made of clay. The clay figures are moved slightly and images are taken with each move. The images are then set to appear rapidly, to show the movement. (Example)


PowerPoint is often used as a tool for students to create a summary report. PowerPoint can be used to create interactive presentations such as quizzes and choose your own ending activities using action buttons.

Images for use:

The biggest issue seems to be where to get the images in a way that is not overly time-consuming. Here are some suggestions:
-Discovery Streaming (
-Creative Commons (
-Save from PowerPoint (
-Take themselves


PhotoStory 3 - Create multimedia projects using still images.
MovieMaker - Create multimedia projects with moving video.
Adobe Premiere Elements

Web Tools

Digital Storytelling Tools

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Comic Tools

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Podcast Tools

Mmkrill's Favorite Links on podcast web2tool from Diigo



Ways to display projects:

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-Embed in a Blog


Creating Lifelong Learners

Hubbell, E. R., Kuhn, M., Malenoski, K., & Pitler, H. (2007). Using Technology With Classroom Instruction That Works. Alexandria: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.