47% of the 56 Innovative Teaching Assessment respondents voted that Time to Learn, Practice and Plan is the greatest obstacle to further using technology in the instructional setting. Well, I am pleased to say that plans are worked out for upcoming voluntary
innovative teaching workshops to address this obstacle. These workshops will be offered as half day sessions, with two topics in a day. Teachers can sign up for a half day (one topic) or a whole day (two topics). Here are the planned topics and dates (location to be determined):
  • April 26th - Getting Started with Technology / Learn 3 Tools (Awareness & Exploration Levels)
  • April 29th - Learn about Wikis / Multimedia Projects (Exploration & Infusion Levels)
  • May 7th - Advanced Wiki-ing / Learn 3 Tools (Integration & Expansion Levels)
  • May 10th - Discover more about Discovery Streaming (All Levels) PM Only

Some numbers from the survey are: 28% of respondents identified with the Awareness level, 33% identified with the Exploration level and 21% identified with the Infusion level. The goal is to move from one level to the next. These workshops are the perfect way to start the climb! Register at:http://innovativeteaching.swsd.wikispaces.net/Registration . Substitute coverage will be arranged by Michelle Krill. There is still time to complete the Innovative Teaching Assessment here.