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What is a wiki?

Why use a wiki?

Wikis are collaborative online environments in which users can publish writing as well as add elements to their pages such as images, videos, slide shows, polls, audio, and thousands of other widgets available online. In addition to merely collaborating on publishing documents, users can discuss the pages on the discussion tab forums. Also, all past edits can be tracked and users can revert back to past edits.

About Wikispaces

Wikispaces is a wiki hosting site. Wikispaces offers free wikis to teachers under their commercial site at They also offer private label wikispaces for a fee. In this way, schools can upload users, create many sites and have their own url. South Western's private label wikis can be found here . Teacher have a wikispace in their name and can request additional wikis from Shari Dusman.

Ideas for Use:

  • Class webpage
  • Discussion boards
  • Individual projects
  • Online notetaking
  • Collaborative project
  • Electronic portfolio
  • Webquests/Virtual Field Trips

The Tabs

Notify Me
Each page has a discussion tab!

Posts can be created and used for students to post feedback, answer,
reflect on learning and more
The History tab will show all the changes made to that page. The History shows the username of editor and can be clicked to see the changes from that edit. This tab gives the chance to Revert to a previous version. This is very helpful when students 'lose' work.
Teachers can be notified by RSS or by email when changes are made.

Manage Wiki



This link shows you all the pages on the wiki. Useful for locating hidden pages, renaming pages, deleting pages, etc...


Files can be uploaded one at a time while working on a wiki page. Files can also be mass uploaded and deleted from the Files page.


This is a great place to see all the members of the wiki. It will be important to visit this page at the end of a school year to remove students from the school year as you prepare for a new year.


  • Public Everyone, including anonymous visitors, can view and edit pages. Allow message posts from non-members.
  • Protected Everyone can view pages, but only members of this wiki can edit pages. Allow message posts from non-members.
  • Private Only members of this wiki can view and edit pages.
  • Custom Define custom permissions

Look and Feel

Look at existing themes, change your theme, edit the color scheme, upload a logo. Only the site organizer has access to the Look and Feel area.

Editing the Wiki

The Toolbar

Click the Edit button to open the wiki page for editing. The wiki toolbar is displayed and provides formatting tools similar to those found in Microsoft products.

Add Images and Files

  • The image button is used to upload an image or other file type to the wiki. The uploaded image or file can be displayed on the wiki page. Files can be managed from the Manage Wiki>Files area.
  • Uploaded files (images, videos, etc..) must have UNIQUE file names.
  • Files are displayed in alphabetical order. A naming convention can be helpful in keeping files organized.

Embed Widgets

Embed: To capture within another document or data file.
Wiki Widgets


  • Only allow one student to edit a page at a time. Multiple editors can be editing different pages, just not the same page.
  • Use 2 square brackets around toc to create the table of contents. Use the Normal drop down to apply heading styles to make text appear in the table of contents.
  • Use 2 square brackets around a new page title to create a new page and have it be a link at the same time.
  • The navigation page contains a Page List widget. This displays all pages in the navigation in alphabetical order. To change this, click Edit Navigation and delete the PageList widget. Type the name of the pages and link each one to the existing page. This way you can have 'hidden pages' on the wikispace.

Example Sites:

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